Big Gucci denies throwing money to Greek Acropolis for fashion show

Source:无时尚中文网Date:2017/2/11 Click:0
According to a Greek counterpart in Italy's "Republican", Gucci proposed to provide 2 million euros in restoration funds for the Acropolis in exchange for holding a fashion show in front of the Parthenon this summer, but the relevant Greek authorities have refused.

Two million euros is not a small amount for Greece, which has been plunged into debt and economic crisis in recent years. However, the Central Archaeological Council has strongly rejected related commercial requests and pointed out that the Acropolis is a unique site and a symbol of World Heritage. Such activities are not commensurate with the Acropolis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Greek Culture Minister Lydia Koniordou agreed with the National Television's decision, saying the government "has the responsibility to safeguard the Acropolis, a symbol of world democracy and its own."

Gucci denied that it involved money transactions. A spokesperson for the brand said that they did meet with the Greek authorities to explore the possibility of long-term cultural cooperation, but such a plan is not new. The brand has been in recent years with Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, England Chatsworth House and Los Angeles LACMA had similar cultural collaborations, and "the speculations in the report about direct or indirect economic proposals are absolutely wrong and unfounded."

Earlier, the Acropolis had approved commercial shooting. In 1951, designer Christian Dior chose the Acropolis as the shooting location for the couture series of the year. In 2008, Jennifer Lopez also filmed in the local area, and the 2014 film "The Two Faces of January" was shot here.

It has become a trend for luxury brands to spend money on shows around the world, and even luxury virgin lands such as Cuba were opened up by Chanel in May 2016. However, for the Acropolis, one of the world's most well-known human millennial heritages, Gucci's fashion show with hundreds of thousands of luxury brands of this level may be unbearable.