Knitted fabrics increased slightly

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Recently, the number of samples of knitted fabrics hanging in the traditional market of China Textile City has increased, and there are many types of listed color and pattern on the market, with both transaction sizes and batches. Some fabric companies and large-scale operating stores have continued to trade in multiple batches.
  Recently, two-sided stretch, four-sided stretch printing and dyeing and embroidery of knitted weft knitted T-shirt fabrics, sportswear and swimwear, mainly for women's spring and summer clothing, have been interacting with each other. The sales of printed fabrics have increased daily, and some fabric companies and large-scale The operating store has a fast delivery, and domestic and foreign trade of novel pattern fabrics has both small and medium-sized batches. Some foreign trade apparel manufacturers use a variety of patterns to match the volume. The prices are basically stable, and the prices of some creative pattern fabrics have risen steadily.

  40S fine cotton knitting rack with 175CM, 160g / m2 water blue, rose red, emerald green color fabrics is delivered in small and medium batches. 32S pure polyester yarn knitted yarn-dyed draw frame with a width of 175CM, 180g / m2, the fabrics are delivered in special black and middle orderly bleached middle order fabrics in small and medium batches.

  In the recent market, polyester filament type circular knitting double-sided brushed fleece has been traded in small and medium batches. The overall market volume has increased from the previous period, and the price has been basically stable. Polyester filament-type circular knitting single-sided summer thin fashion fabrics are continuously sold in small batches and many varieties. Apparel dual-use knitted warp-knitted mesh fabrics, knitted flower knitting fabrics, knitted jacquard fabrics, knitted embroidered fabrics, knitted burnt-out fabrics, knitted water-melted fabrics, knitted composite fabrics and other knitted fabrics The bulk transaction is the main type, and the counterparts are mainly the small and medium batches. The overall market transaction volume is higher than the previous period. Polyester filament knitted fabrics are knitted with large circular knitting on both sides, and there are many types of patterns on the market. The transaction volume is both large and small. There are many sales outlets in the market. Some of the pattern-rich business households continue to trade in small and medium batches. Some cloth industry companies and large-scale operating stores have large volume transactions. The overall transaction in the traditional market has significantly increased the double-sided knitting compared with the previous period, and the transaction volume of printed fabrics has increased.

  In the recent market, various types of polyester filament-based knitted fabrics and apparel fabrics interact with home textiles. Large circular knitting weft knitted plush, warp-knitted plush and some knitted stage fabrics and knitted apparel dual-use mesh fabrics , Knitted flower knitting, knitted jacquard cloth, knitted embroidered cloth, knitted rotten cloth, knitted water-melted cloth, knitted composite cloth, knitted flocking cloth, knitted polyester ammonia stretch fabric, knitted polyester ammonia stretch flannel, etc. Foreign trade orders were partially activated and partially heavy, and the overall market trend of knitted fabrics fluctuated upward. The sales of polyester knitted four-sided stretch also increased, and sales volume also increased.